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Health Now, Vital at 100

Broadcast on June 29, 2021
With Dr. John Douillard, DC
Hosted by Nick Mattos

Ayurveda described the secrets to health and longevity in a branch of Ayurveda call Rasayana. Now backed by modern science, these ancient health and longevity techniques are cutting-edge in the anti-aging literature. Combing the right herbs, with the right diet and lifestyle, is now proven to prevent age-related degeneration and the appearance of accelerated aging. Join Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP, to dive into some of the keys to longevity and health.

In This Session:

  • Learn why Ayurvedic adaptagenic herbs are the buzz in anti-aging research
  • Ayurveda dictated a diet thousands of years ago that has now been proven to extend life and restore health
  • Learn why Pranayama is the key to health and longevity and how to activate it in every cell
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Dr. John Douillard, DC

Creator of LifeSpa and a Globally Recognized Leader in Natural Health, Ayurveda & Sports Medicine

Dr. John Douillard, DC, is a globally recognized leader in natural health, Ayurveda, and sports medicine. He’s the creator of, the leading Ayurvedic health and wellness online resource, which offers thousands of free articles, ebooks, and videos. LifeSpa combines ancient wisdom with modern science to evolve the way Ayurveda is understood around the world, disseminating information to more than 105,000 newsletter subscribers and through more than 11 million YouTube views.

John is former director of player development for the NBA’s New Jersey Nets, and was a repeat guest on The Dr. Oz Show. He’s the author of seven health books (including the bestsellers Eat Wheat and The 3-Season Diet), a teacher of several online courses, and the director of LifeSpa Ayurvedic Clinic the 2013 Holistic Wellness Center of the Year in Boulder, Colorado.

Dr. John Douillard, DC