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Awaken the Goddess Within: Ignite Your Divine Feminine Power

Broadcast on July 02, 2021
With Abiola Abrams
Hosted by Abiola Abrams

Awaken your divine feminine energy in this rejuvenating, chakra-clearing, feminine meditation with Abiola Abrams. She will help you realign with your true power, remember your natural divinity, and raise your frequency to that of the divine creative force, where all the joy you desire exists.

In This Session:

  • We all have the power of the divine within us; as a piece of the divine we are divine
  • By raising our energy to the goddess frequency, we can manifest healing, love, health, abundance & joy
  • You are a goddess
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Abiola Abrams

Award-Winning Author, Spiritual Teacher and Global Retreat Leader
Abiola Abrams is a spiritual life coach, speaker, writer, and media personality. She empowers you to find freedom from your personal fears and align with your purpose. She is the author of the African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy, and The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love. Her inspirational affirmation decks include the African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards, Sacred Self-Love Journal Cards, and the Womanifesting Fertility Goddess Cards. Her newest Hay House meditation program is entitled, Enter the Goddess Temple.

In addition to her online group coaching programs and courses, Abiola has appeared on The CW Network, BET, MTV, the BBC, and Discovery Channel. She has written for sites and publications such as DailyOM,, and Essence, and leads transformational workshops, speaks at colleges and universities, and creates spiritual wellness retreats all over the world.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence, MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in Women’s Media and Storytelling, Abiola's coaching certifications include neuro-linguistic programming from American Union of NLP. Her practice includes teachings in mindfulness, emotional freedom technique and intuitive mindset reprogramming. As the first person in her family born in America, Abiola is committed to using her gifts to inspire, uplift, transform and inspire.
Abiola Abrams