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Simple Ageless Grace® Tools to Help Shift Your Emotions

Broadcast on June 30, 2021
With Denise Medved
Hosted by Bernadette Pleasant

Emotions like anger, stress, isolation, anxiety, fear, etc., are all top-of-mind after the pressure of the last year. Everyone is reacting & responding differently to the stressors in our daily lives, but you have more control over your internal environment than you think! Denise Medved shares how you can stimulate the brain's primary functions with simple, specific movements that result in the production of important proteins & hormones to help you shift your perspective and experience.

In This Session:

  • You have the power to change your brains more easily than you might think
  • You can change the quality of your lives by causing your brain to produce certain hormones and proteins
  • The strength and function of the brain can also build emotional resilience
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Denise Medved

Creator of Ageless Grace

Denise Medved is the creator and founder of Ageless Grace® Brain Health, a fitness and wellness program for the brain and body. Denise has been featured on national television, in a TEDx talk on neuroplasticity, in publications such as American Fitness, and at internationally acclaimed facilities such as Canyon Ranch Health and Fitness Resort.

She spent 12 years studying, researching exercise, movement and neuroscience, and leading pilot programs in a top U.S. hospital. She attended a graduate program in gerontology, and is a graduate of the Neuroscience Academy. Dense was an International Nia™ Faculty Trainer for nearly 14 years, is a 1st Degree Black Belt Nia Instructor, AFFA certified personal Trainer, senior fitness specialist, international presenter, and keynote speaker.


Denise Medved