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Gaining Resilience with Simple Techniques to Activate the Lymphatic System

Broadcast on July 01, 2021
With Donna Eden
Hosted by Dondi Dahlin

Discover the lymphatic system, how it's connected to every part of your body, and its impact on whether you feel vibrant or lethargic — healthy or sluggish. Learn how your health is directly impacted by whether your lymphatic system is flowing or clogged. In this hands-on session, you will join Donna Eden and locate your neurolymphatic reflex points so you can clear your lymphatic system, and walk away with techniques you will have for the rest of your life.

In This Session:

  • Learn about the lymphatic system, how it works, and why you should care
  • Learn how the neurolymphatic reflex points clear toxins and play a part in your resilience
  • What you can do to strengthen your lymphatic system and help protect your body from infection, disease, and inflammation
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Donna Eden

Energy Medicine Pioneer, NY Times Bestselling Author

Donna Eden is among the world's most sought-after, joyous, and authoritative spokespersons for energy medicine. She has been able to clairvoyantly “see” the body's energies all her life, and her abilities as a healer are legendary. Her bestselling book, Energy Medicine, is the textbook in hundreds of healing classes, available in 20 languages, and has won golds in both the USA Book News and Nautilus competitions.

She has, with her husband David Feinstein, built the world’s largest and most vibrant organization teaching hands-on use of energy medicine. Their 1,600 certified practitioners are serving thousands of clients and teaching dozens of classes in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Their most recent book, The Energies of Love, achieved bestseller status on The New York Time's Relationship List. David and Donna were honored by the Infinity Foundation as the first couple to receive its annual Spirit Award for their contribution to “the evolution of consciousness” and its impact on society.

Donna Eden