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When We Look at What Feels Painful

Broadcast on July 02, 2021
With Leora Edut
Hosted by Abiola Abrams

You may feel as if certain things feel too painful to talk about: death of a sibling, a divorce you experienced at a young age, having ancestors who experienced slavery or the Holocaust. We share an energetic system in our family that holds traumas and energies that are incomplete, that can keep us from moving forward. Join Leora Edut speaking about healing ancestral trauma.

In This Session:

  • Constellation family therapy helps bring clarity on what you have been unwilling to look at
  • We must heal past inherited trauma
  • The support and order of our ancestors is critical for healing and evolution
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Leora Edut

Family Constellation Facilitator & Embodiment Activator

Leora Edut is a certified Family Constellation facilitator, with a special focus on healing lifelong wounds that have caused deep suffering around love, abuse, and inherited socioeconomics. Born in the diverse metro-Detroit area, to a blended Middle Eastern and American family, her commitment to equity began in childhood. A survivor of violence, Leora’s own life experience adds a layer of empathy to her work.  As the founder of Goddess On The Go, Leora produced events in New York City, Los Angeles, and Detroit, each attended by over 100 women. Since 2012, she has led healing circles and coached private clients around the world. Nicknamed “No Limit Sister Goddess” by her dear friend Swandala, she has championed the growth of a wide range of clients, from the successful executive to the underdog.

Leora Edut