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The Power of Gesture

Broadcast on June 30, 2021
With Jennifer Aks-Neuman
Hosted by Bernadette Pleasant

Jennifer Aks-Neuman explores the power of gesture, speaking about embodied emotion and feeling the significance of it. She creates accessible gestures as a way to explore expression without words, experience the transformative power of this work, and begin to understand the strength of our intuition. She talks about the importance of trusting it, because if we do, it can guide us into our authentic movement and help us communicate beyond the written or spoken word.

In This Session:

  • Gain a new perspective of what "dance" is and begin to realize that we are capable of dancing through our lives
  • Understand the power of movement and how taking accessible gestures and daily movement can help us communicate our emotions and life story
  • Understand the transformative power of creating a video movement story as a life long keepsake
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Jennifer Aks-Neuman

Founder of dance herStory, Movement Coach and Story Producer

Jennifer Aks-Neuman grew up attending performing arts schools in Montclair, New Jersey, where she studied various movement styles. She went on to receive her Associates Degree from Dean Jr. College and BFA from The Music and Performing Arts Professions at New York University, with a dance major and education minor. Jen performed and studied dance for many years, which led her to her role as teaching artist and choreographer at National Dance Institute for 14 years. Through the years she discovered her mission to help find creative ways for Womxn to connect and honor their personal stories. As a professional photographer, she made it her mission to be an assistant to others in the storytelling process. 

Today, Jen works with Womxn to help them tell their stories with movement, and uses her video, editing, and photography skills to create their personal video movement diaries. Jen has a  deep belief that if we trust our feminine intuition, it will guide us into our authentic movement, and if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, the movement that comes forward will communicate our story, and have the power to transform.  

The video diaries that Jen creates come from a desire to document what could not be heard by the spoken or written word. This keepsake provides an opportunity for new perspective and a deep appreciation for life.

Jennifer Aks-Neuman