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Transforming Your Trauma, Pain & Loss to Triumph: Tapping Into the Mind-Body Connection for Healing

Broadcast on July 02, 2021
With Dr. Damon Silas
Hosted by Abiola Abrams

How do you take the trauma, pain, and loss that you've experienced and simply be with it? Better yet, how do you powerfully move through these life experiences to find healing and purpose? Dr. Damon Silas will outline and highlight the many ways to combine your mind and body in your healing process to instill hope, while increasing your overall insight and mental health awareness.

In This Session:

  • Identify and understand the parts of the brain that are impacted by your trauma and losses
  • Identify what movement has to do with your healing process
  • Learn how to tap on various acupressure points to bring about a sense of calm, relaxation, and relief to your mind and body
The views expressed are specific to the author/speaker and may vary from the perspectives of The Shift Network's participants, staff, or other speakers.
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Dr. Damon Silas

Clinical Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Dancer and Healing Artist

Dr. Damon Silas, a clinical psychologist, speaker, and teacher with 20 years of experience in the field, is the author of From Mourning To Knight: Overcoming Loss, and What’s Your ACTION Plan?: 6 Powerful Ways To Get Unstuck In Your Life Now. He is in private practice in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in anxiety, trauma, and working with marginalized populations.

In a dynamic and creative way, Dr. Silas helps people remove their mental and emotional barriers in order to grow in all areas. Along with Alyson Stoner, he is the co-developer and co-facilitator of Mindful Movement, the holistic fitness program that reconnects mind-body-being through creativity and movement. He is also a mindful movement and hip-hop dance instructor.

Dr. Silas is the co-founder of the group Black Tappers United, a collective of Black healers whose mission is to bring the power of EFT tapping and healing to the BIPOC community. He's featured on the Tapping Solution app, with meditations focused on racial anxiety healing, and tapping support for depression. He is certified as an EFT Intermediate Practitioner, Consulting Hypnotist, and as a mental health integrative medicine practitioner.

Dr. Damon Silas