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Owning Your Resilience to Shift Into Greatness

Broadcast on July 01, 2021
With Dr. Neeta Bhushan
Hosted by Dondi Dahlin

Life happens and the challenges can seem to come out of nowhere. But Dr. Neeta Bhushan shows you how you can surmount past setbacks, bounce back stronger, and fly toward greatness. Learn to rediscover yourself after hard times and explore the 4 key elements of resiliency to help you grow and strengthen your resiliency muscle.

In This Session:

  • Learn the 4 key elements to strengthen your bounce factor
  • What stops you from growing your resiliency muscle, and how to surmount past setbacks in your life
  • Own your greatness when life happens, so you are equipped with the tools to help you fly forward, no matter what life tosses your way
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Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Co-Founder of Global Grit Institute, Author of Emotional Grit, Speaker

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a former cosmetic dentist turned bestselling author, international speaker, serial entrepreneur, sought-after leadership coach, and trainer. She's the founder of the Global GRIT institute and three-time author of the bestselling books, Emotional GRIT: 8 Steps to Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Thoughts, and Change Your World; The Book of Coaching, and The Business Book of Coaching.

Dr. Bhushan left her large dental practice to transform smiles from the inside out; a journey which led her across 45 countries developing research blending the fields of human behavior, ancient eastern philosophy and therapeutic psychology. Sparked by her own life experiences overcoming multiple extreme adversities, including being orphaned at a young age, surviving an abusive marriage of domestic violence, and overcoming extensive loss, her breakthrough research in Emotional Grit has been endorsed & utilized by renowned leaders, corporations, students, and organizations around the world.

Dr. Neeta Bhushan