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Thriving in Today’s Complicated World is Easier than You Think

Broadcast on July 01, 2021
With Lauren Walker
Hosted by Dondi Dahlin

Clear and refresh your energy using the medicine of the future with Lauren Walker, who will show you simple yet effective ways to center yourself, and establish a place of "energetic integrity" using just a spoon, your hands, and your breath.

In This Session:

  • Understand what grounding really means... learn why you might not be grounded and how to fix it
  • Explore the power of energy medicine yoga for strength and reslience
  • Clear your energy fields with techniques as simple as grabbing a spoon from your kitchen
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Lauren Walker

Creator and Author of Energy Medicine Yoga

Lauren Walker is author of The Energy to Heal. She previously published Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice... and The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription. All three books won the Nautilus Silver Award for best mind/body publication. She’s been teaching yoga and meditation since 1997, and created energy medicine yoga while teaching at Norwich University. She teaches EMYoga across the U.S. and internationally, and has been featured many times in Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, and a feature article about her yoga work was also published in The New York Times. In 2016 she was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in America.

Lauren Walker